The Mission of INFINITY

We provide something more than mere product, something that contributes to happiness of all people of the earth beyond geographical and physical barriers.

Products and technologies that contribute to the protecting the Earth, and its most important component, human beings.

We achieve this by providing products, services, and support that:
  • Are not just harmless but actually beneficial to the human body.
  • Lead to the purification and prevention of contamination of the global environment.

In order to realize these, we truly carry out social responsibility as a within the constraints of a company.

Maintaining the trust of not only customers, but all people, with integrity above all.

Meeting customer needs by respecting individual capabilities, and bringing them together as the comprehensive strength of the company.

We work together as a whole, are trusted, and purpose ourselves to happiness of all mankind.

The Organization Mission

All for One and One for All

All the functions of the company are from three groups of equal importance.

The mission originates from the core permeates throughout, so the consciousness to support each other is manifested in our actions.
This circulates from the individual to the group and the group awareness, and the sense of fulfillment from harmony arises. When the organization is in harmony and everyone's mind becomes one, what we can do is Infinity.

The three groups strongly linked by the core are equilateral triangles, as a symbol of ""stability"" and ""equivalence"", and are balanced.

organization chart

Infinity's Core Business

At Infinity, we focus on the development and provision of two main business divisions: plant-based cleaning fluids as a means to move away from conventional chemicals, and health food supplements.

In order to provide for the health and safety of humans everywhere, it is essential create provisions (foods and health food supplements) that ensure full benefit to the internal environment (the human body) without any detriment to the human body. Complimentarily, it is equally important to provide an external environment (a clean Earth) that is not deleterious to humans, and only provides benefit.

Yet, in the present world, through the use of conventional chemicals, the air, water, and other ecological aspects, including the most important one - the human being - are being polluted.
As a result, the symptoms and conditions of the Earth and the human body are increasingly conspicuous.

Conventional chemicals that adversely affect the disposal systems, drainage pipes, ground soils, and tap water, ultimately adversely affect the human condition.

Given that the human body in present day is by and large unable to cope with the intake of foods that contain large amounts of adverse substances that negatively affect the human body, the results ranging from light sickness symptoms like allergies to serious ones like auto-immune disorders are increasing significantly.

Development and provision of nutritional supplements that contribute to people’s health

  • Supply essential nutrients that tend to be inherently scarce.
  • Supply of nutrients necessary to cope with the once unheard of burdens that besiege the bodies of modern people.

Development and provision of plant-based alternatives to conventional chemicals, thereby contributing to environmental and human health

  • Instead of chemicals that cause environmental destruction and burdens to the human body such as allergies, plant-based alternatives are readily decomposed by microorganisms and reduced to nature without harm to the human body and without damage to the environment (if the source of pollution is stopped, nature will promptly purify and recover).
  • Continue development until the change to safe alternatives from all conventional chemicals is completed, or a system is achieved that does not require such chemicals.
  • Continue development of safe alternatives to conventional chemicals, all the way from body care products in the general public to cured paint removal products in the industrial sector.

The Depth of Infinity's Symbol Mark

Infinity's symbol mark expresses the culmination of our organizational mission and our Core Mission into an Overall Mission.

If all the people of the Earth are united and cooperate, there is nothing you can not do.
The limit of what we can do together is Infinity.

If the hearts of all people come together as one, we will be able to make use of this infinite potential.
The air of pureness, the water of pureness, the ecological system of pureness, and these hearts of pureness, together will circulate forever to Infinity.

symbol mark