The Origin of the E-CLEAN Total System

Rather than just coping with occurred problems such as destruction of the environment or harm to the human body, we realize the prevention of those problems themselves.

Safely Cleaning Planet Earth

What are the Essential Elements to Realize the Origin

The essential elements of actualizing the E-CLEAN Total System are the development and provision of "Plant-based, safe alternatives to chemicals" and "the best way to use them."

Rather than simply selling products, we aim to provide Total Systems. This is the characteristic upon which we base E-CLEAN business.

In order to realize the Total System

Beginning with cleaning products and expanding into allergen neutralizers, deodorizers, lubricants, etc., we cover all facets of life with safe, superior features of plant-based alternatives.

Until safe alternatives have completely replaced harmful chemicals or systems are in place to eliminate the need for chemicals, we will continue to develop new E-CLEAN products.

What is a Total System?

It is a System based upon new ideas not found in conventional thinking.

E-CLEAN Total System pursues and realizes comprehensive merit.

Safely Cleaning Planet Earth... It is important not to solely deal with harm to the human body and environmental destruction caused by chemicals such as soap, detergent, chemicals, and their secondary problems described below. We must prevent the occurrence of problems in the first place.

E-CLEAN total system keeps in mind the safe substitutes that actualize this, and the optimum methods of utilization, keeping in mind and proposing "ensuring safety at all times" and "simplifying the whole system".

Secondary Problems

Normally, people usually focus only on the stated price of cleaning agents, so they select the cheaper ones by comparing bottle prices.

However, even if the price is cheap, secondary problems such as clogged drainage, putrid odor, secondary pollution, etc. occur, and costs to temporarily eliminate them are required.

In addition, due to the presence of toxic substances as a burden on the human body and the environment, human body damage, discomfort, environmental pollution, etc. are occurring more frequently.

Development of Total Systems for Customers

based on customer requests, we are able to propose Total Systems that meet most needs. Furthermore, even if you have special needs, we will work with you until the best system is achieved.

Imparting Wisdom

To effectively remove soils, there are four important elements 【Temperature】【Time】【Agitation】【Concentration】. In the chart below, we are able to increase the effectiveness of cleaning not just by increasing the size of the circle, but taking into account the application and the workplace, finding the most cost-effective balance of the four factors. Combined with E-CLEAN plant-based cleaning fluids, you can feel actual results in many various applications.

Ideally you want to simply increase the size of the circle to maximize cleaning, but this is rarely possible. Which one is the limiting factor or most expensive? Based on application and work environment, effective cleaning results are maximized and costs minimized by choosing which factors to increase. Please refer to the Total System that fits your purpose.
*To promote the penetration of E-CLEAN into particularly stubborn stains
→Raise Temperature and Time to get more benefit

Imparting Wisdom

Provision of safer cleaning solutions

The E-CLEAN Total System is not just maximizing the 4 factors of cleaning. The development and provision of plant-based cleaning fluids that are safe for humans and the environment ensures continued use by our customers.

Applications and Results

Normal applications like cleaning , etc.

In the total system, typical applications such as cleaning applications refers to the usage in the normal washing and cleaning processes.

Special Applications

This refers to utilizing E-CLEAN in specific applications and special applications in the total system.

Secondary Effects

The Total System stops and prevents undesirable secondary effects from soaps, detergents, and chemicals, and tertiary effects caused by them.

Example of Tertiary Effect

The Advantages of E-CLEAN products.

Image shows the mechanism whereby beneficial bacteria can biodegrade.

Helps prevent the cause of drainage problems, and its secondary costs.

Helps prevent the cause

Image shows the mechanism whereby beneficial bacteria can biodegrade.

Elements necessary for biodegradation ●Light ●Oxygen ●Beneficial Bacteria

Conventional productE-CLEAN
Organic Matter to be Decomposed (Oil, Fat, etc.)

As conventional products emulsify and bond with organic matter, the contact surface with elements necessary for decomposition decreases

E-CLEAN does not combine with organic matter, and conversely it increases the contact surface with the elements necessary for decomposition
The Vitality of Beneficial Bacteria

Toxic substances contained in conventional products weaken beneficial bacteria

E-CLEAN does not contain toxic substances so beneficial bacteria can vigorous work

Anti-rust and antiseptic effects help to prevent deterioration due to rust and corrosion of facilities such as drainage pipes.

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