• Natural vitality for plants to grow rapidly, powerfully and vigorously.
  • Efficient absorption of moisture and nutrients.
  • Activates microorganisms and maintains a healthy state.
  • Restore soil ecosystem.
  • Extra fertilizer becomes unnecessary and it is most suitable for organic cultivation / reduced pesticide.
  • Compatible with fertilizer and pesticide. Does not cause chemical reaction.
  • Dermal acute toxicity · oral acute toxicity · aquatic toxicity · skin irritation · eye irritation · human patch test · biodegradation test etc. data available.
  • Remove germs.

【Packaging】 20L Bag-in-Box or 200L Plastic drum

Registered in Japan's fertilizer registration regulations

Example of use

Root Growth Comparison
Root Growth Comparison (cucumber)
Left: AGRISAFE concentration 1:2000 in water
Right: Water only
With AGRISAFE, the roots are thicker and more in number
Growth Comparison of seedlings
(cucumber, eggplant)
Growth Comparison of seedlings (cucumber, eggplant)
Left: AGRISAFE 1:2000 in water
Right: Water only
Seedling growth is faster and more seedlings are present when using AGRISAFE.
Usage Method

Dilution between 1:1000 and 1:10000. Spray on plant or into soil. Does not react with fertilizers or pesticides.

Safety data

Acute toxicity testing (LD50)
Oral: over 5000 mg/kg
Dermal: over 5000 mg/kg
Human Sensitivity Patch tested, biodegradable to 98.5%