• Manufactured from plant-derived ingredients.
    Main ingredients include fatty alcohols derived from corn and surfactants derived from soy, coconut, etc.
  • Powerful Solvating
    Ink・Paint・Adhesive・Tar・Paste・Photoresist・Resins・Wax・Ceramics・Oils, fats, other lipids.
  • Acute Toxicity (Oral, Dermal), Human Patch Test, other data available.
  • Not subject to Fire regulations.
  • Low VOC.
  • Not subject to VOC storage and handling, PRTR, Poison storage and handling regulations.
  • RoHS compliant.
  • Recyclable (Vapor Distillation).
Object to be cleaned.

Ink・Paint・Adhesive・Tar・Paste・Photoresist・Resins・Wax・Ceramics・Oils, fats, other lipids, etc.

E-CLEAN(PSW) can replace (partial list):

Toluene・Xylene・napthalene and other hydrocarbons, methanol・IPA・butanol, etc.
Alcohols, trichlorethylene・dichloromethane・other chlorinates, fluorines, bromines, acetone, MEK, and other solvents.

Usage example

Temperature ranges from freezing up to 175℃.

Works well in Ultrasonic・soaking・shower・bubbling (and dilution possible depending on specific application).

Safety data

Acute Toxicity - LD50
Dermal:above 5000㎎/㎏

Passed human patch test.
Biodegradable at 98.9%.