• Now, a new, gentle-to-your-hands system removes paint, ink, grease, etc. without thinner or grit.
  • Manufactured from plant-derived ingredients.
    Main ingredients are surfactants derived from soybeans, corn, wheat, etc.
  • No grit or abrasive added.
  • Safe, plant-based solvents dissolve paints, inks, adhesives, etc. so you can wipe them off with dry towel.
  • Acute toxicity data (dermal, oral) available.
Object to be cleaned.

Effective, easy, and safe method for removing paint, ink, other tough grimes from hands.

E-CLEAN(PUHC) can replace(partial list):

Thinner, acetone, grit, pink soap, pumice bars, etc.

Safety data

Acute toxicity - LD50
Dermal:above 5000㎎
Oral:above 2600㎎/㎏

How to use (actual example)

E-CLEAN(PUHC) removing
Removing two-liquid urethane paint.
hands with fluid
Douse hands with fluid.
release paint
Rub well to release paint.
Using a brush
Using a brush is even more effective.
Wipe off paint
Wipe off paint with dry towel or paper toweling.
Apply E-CLEAN(HDHC) to hands
Apply E-CLEAN(HDHC) to hands and rub in well.
Rinse hands well in water
Rinse hands well in water.
Hands are now clean.
Hands are now clean.